Frequently Asked Questions

What is KINTO One | Corporate full service lease?

KINTO One | Corporate full service lease is an operating lease which is combined with a set of vehicle related services and charged to the customer in one monthly "Full Service Lease Rate". The monthly rates include:

  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • Road Tax

  • Unlimited Mileage

  • Servicing and Mechanical Maintenance (normal tyre wear and tear is covered, if it is due to driver’s negligence, eg mount kerb, tyre patching, customer will be liable)

  • Free Delivery and Collection

  • 24-Hrs Roadside Assistance at 9732 1685

Can I lease a car without full service?
We are able to offer a operating lease without services.


Can we request for a driver along with the full service lease?
Yes, designated driver can be provided based on request. Costs of driver will be added into lease rate.


Any limitation of drivers? Anyone can drive the car (family, friends, other employees)?
Generally everybody who is permitted by the company is allowed to drive the car (incl. e.g family members). Min. requirement is a valid Singapore Class 3 Driving License or a valid International Driving License accompanied by Identification Card, Passport or Employment Pass. Driving license must have been held for at least three (3) years. The minimum age is 23 and maximum is 65 years of age.


What steps do I need to take note of when it is time for service maintenance? Would someone remind me of maintenance schedule?
We will call you for a service reminder, minimally at every 6 months to get an update in the actual mileage driven. In any case we will take care of the service appointment customer needs to just align on the most suitable vehicle pick-up date.


Do I need to bring the car to the service center for service maintenance?
You do not need to bring in your vehicle for service maintenance. The KINTO One team will pick up the car at your convenience and return the vehicle once service maintenance is completed. 
Replacement of vehicle is provided when your vehicle is required for normal servicing, maintenance, or LTA Inspection and in the event of an accident. We will aim to provide a replacement vehicle within the same category.

What are services included in the package, is there any additional service that I might need to pay?
The Full Service Leasing rate tries in general to cover majority of the Total cost of ownership. Following items however are excluded:


  • GST

  • Petrol

  • ERP Cash Card

  • All Parking Offences and Traffic Fines, etc

  • All vehicle damages caused by negligence or purpose (not by accident) will be charged to the customer.


Can I terminate the contract during the lease term? Any Penalty?
Yes, contract can be terminated, subject to paying full sum of the outstanding lease rates.


Are there any mileage limit or conditions?
KINTO One will have an unlimited mileage package, as long as the vehicle is used for hirer’s business and for his/her social and domestic purposes. The vehicle is not to be used, and will not permit it to be used, for purposes it is not expressly designed. Vehicle cannot be used for hire, driving tuition, towing racing or pace making, or for competing in any rally or other form of motor sport, or for any illegal purposes whatsoever whether in Singapore or elsewhere. The vehicle is not licensed or permitted to be used for hirer’s chauffeured drive or limousine activities.


Any case which causes additional charge upon maturity of the contract? (extremely dirty, many scratch etc.)
At the end of term, the vehicle will be inspected. Normal wear and tear (guideline will be provided) will be distinguished from actual damages which have been caused by gross negligence or purpose.


What are the charges for wear and tear?
Replacement of parts due to Wear and Tear is included in the lease rate.


How is the payment of monthly lease fee? (auto debit or remittance?)
Direct Debit and the customer will be invoiced on monthly basis.


Is the in-car camera must?
It is a strong recommendation in order to avoid dispute in accident cases. As of now camera is fitted to all vehicles and the video data is only stored on the data card in the device.


How will my data privacy be secured?
As finance company TFSSG we are experienced to secure highly sensitive data under PDPA and will ensure this for all our customer and data points.


Call center is multi language?
Yes, English and Chinese.


Can I change car model during lease period and top up the difference? 
Eg if I need a bigger car during festive season, may I change the car model during the contract period?
Generally a change of car within a lease period is something extraordinary and need to be discussed case-by-case. A permanent change of car can be considered if the current car needs to be up-graded or the contractual lease end is close. Temporary change of vehicles will be not offered.


Can I drive the car into Malaysia?
Yes, you can access Malaysia with any of KINTO One vehicles.


What happens if the car breakdown in Malaysia?
We have a close network of workshop partners who will support you with a 24/7 roadside assistance in an unforeseen case of vehicle break-down.


Can I extend the contract or purchase the car at the end of contract?
Depending on the current market situation you may extend the lease contract with the consent of TFSSG. You are not able to purchase the lease-up vehicle directly from us.


Is there a designated account servicing person for my company's fleet regardless of the service nature (eg warranty, maintenance, contract, terms)?
Yes, there will be a dedicated accounting servicing for your company's fleet. We also have 24/7 roadside assistance, which will be able to assist in English and Chinese.


If I need to move to other countries, can I continue to extend my contract in Japan or other countries?
No, this falls under contract termination.


How many days do I have to wait for car delivery after application is successful?
The waiting period very much depends on availability of the car, next CoE cycle and the subsequent registration process. On average it will take approx. 6-8 weeks.


Can I choose preferred color/option/accessory for the vehicle?


What do I need to prepare for application?
There will be a contract agreement for every fleet unit subject to a successful underwriting process.


Do I need to pay fine by myself in case if I violate traffic rule?
As vehicle owner TFSSG will be addressed by the authorities. TFSSG will pass the traffic offence to the PIC in the company with the request to forward the fine notice. Depending on the authorities requirement TFSSG will also pass driver information.


What are covered by insurance and how much (especially an accident causing injury or death)
All Kinto One vehicles are covered by comprehensive motor insurance coverage. Details incl. Driver Personal Accident benefits (upon death):


  • Authorised driver: up to $10,000 

  • Passenger(s) (up to legal seating capacity): up to $10,000

    Third party liability:
    Third party injury; unlimited claim
    Third party property damage; payout up to SGD 5 million

    Medical expenses of up to SGD 1,000 for authorised driver and passenger(s) up to legal seating capacity


What should I do when I have accident?
Call 24/7 roadside assistance at 9732 1685, accident response team will guide the customer accordingly. Notification of police will be done by accident response team.


What should I do for a small scratch?
Please contact the 24/7 roadside assistance at 9732 1685 for virtual inspection. Physical inspection can be done at servicing pick up. If make good is required, customer is liable.


Would substitute car be available when there is an accident?
Call 24/7 roadside assistance at 9732 1685, accident response team will guide the customer accordingly. Our endeavour is to ensure your mobility asap.


Can I use my preferred insurance company instead of the one built-in in KINTO package?
No, KINTO One is packaged and priced as a "All-Incl. product", hence it is not possible to individually take out a service element.


Can I take pets (dog, Cat or any other animals) into the car?
Yes, as long these pets do not cause damages over and above normal wear and tear. If there are interior damages e.g. broken leather, fur that require replacement or specialised cleaning services, these costs will be charged to customer.


Can I smoke inside the car?
Yes, but there will be cleaning charges at end of lease.


Can I lease a car together with my friends, for example, 3 people lease a car and share the monthly payment?
No, each KINTO One contract will be assigned to a corporate or one individual. Cars are not allowed to be sub-leased, etc.


What is the benefit of choosing Kinto instead of buying a car in Singapore? 
Planning costs for fleet management at the expense of fixed lease payments; there will be no more troublesome surprises and unplanned expenses, minimising the risk of pricing, as well as the residual value of the vehicle. Transparent reporting by providing monthly consolidated invoices. One central 24/7 on stand-by customer hotline; reducing the administrative burden of your employee.


For the benefit of choosing KINTO, especially, how much is the monetary benefit?
The monetary benefit very much depends on the individual vehicle fleet situation of the company. We will ensure that our pricing remains competitive in the market, while ensuring an extra-ordinary service level.